There is no such thing as talent.

Here is the paradox.

Having both a lot of talent for something or not having it at all can be both equal obstacles in achieving anything, if you let it get to you.


Joshua Earle

All my life I was told I am talented in many things. And guess what?  I wasted these chances because I thought I don’t need to do shit to be good. After all I was so talented.

I was wrong.

All my life I was told I have no talent for many other things.  And guess what?  I wasted these chances because I thought I don’t need to do shit as I suck at these anyways. I had no talent, so why even bother?

I was wrong.

And I would have gone like that, all the way.  Wasting opportunities to improve in the fields that were my weak spots, and not advancing in the aspects to which I had natural predisposition.

My teenage years have passed, with myself not being particularly good at anything.

Why? Because of that fucking talent myth.  And me believing in that myth, instead of believing in myself.

Until I told myself to wake the fuck up.

It is only then, when I discovered that things such as focus, determination and consistency are the real game changers.

So is ability to chose and decide, as if there were no boundaries. Because in reality there are none.

And then it happened.

You see my first novellas got butchered by the editors, everyone questioning my writing talent, and here I am with a record of several short stories printed by major publishing houses.  You see, I had no talent at mathematics, and here I’m am managing team of IT engineers, in an international tech company.

I had no talent at driving, I sucked so much I had to take 6 times my driving license exam. And here I am with thousands of kilometers on my account, driven across several countries, praised by all passengers for good and safe driving.

I had no talent in talking and dating girls. I sucked at it so much, that compared to me Howard Wolfowitz from early episodes of Big Bang Theory would seem like reasonable dating choice.  And here I am married to a girl that in my earlier years would not even give me a second look (from the crowd of admirers that was always around her).

I there a secret to it all?


Do not wait for the ray of light piercing the sky,  magical sparkle of inspiration, self enlightenment mumbo jumbo.
Just go out there. Chose what is important for you. Decide and focus.

Be annoying and consistent.

Be brutally honest to yourself, so you see clearly mistakes you make on the way. And adjust. Try over and over again. Take the different angle if needed. But keep going.
Do the shit.

Whatever you chose, you will probably suck at it very much. Until you will become a master.

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