3 Powerful videos that will awaken a warrior in you

Looking for a morale boost?
Tired of another viral yet trivial fairy tale, telling you that you can achieve what you want, only if you believe in it?
In the age of cheap-shit motivation gurus and golden banana marketing, it becomes more and more difficult to find a good source material for a true inspiration.
A story with meaning, motivating yet brutally true.
So here I am starting this series on powerful videos.  Bringing some real shit.
Videos that will move your heart.
Videos I have stumbled upon, and to which I keep coming back,  whenever I need a solid, energy kick.
These stories will get you into fighting mode.
They will remind you about things you already know but which you needed to be reminded of.
Stories that will awaken a warrior in you.
  • Contenders by  Mateusz M. Starting with a true classic, most recent video of one of the best motivational video authors out there.  Favorite quote: A difference between a champion and someone who is forgotten, is that champion shows up.
  • Real strength by Venarca TZ Short, straight to the point video that catches the essence of what martial arts are.  Favorite quote: Its about not losing who I am inside.
  • Krav Maga Motivation by Jaroslaw Szlachta. Here comes my personal favorite. A video story of modern warrior, a father, breadwinner and martial arts practitioner.

And hey! If you know any good ones – please share them with me – or add to the comments below. I will post the best ones.

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