A letter to you, my fellow Warrior

Dear Warrior,

“They” will tell you; life is no fairy tale.
Life is complicated, and there is no black and white. Everyone has their own truth. Do not seek the ideal, cause there is nothing to find.

Dear Warrior, if you ever hear this, tell “them”, politely, to fuck off.
Know this:

There is a battleground, in which we are all in. There is Evil, ugly as Uruk-hai, and there is Good, beautiful as the Eldar.
There are our choices which define which side we are on.
There is the middle ground where things seem unclear, but only if you are not fully convinced of your cause.
Life ultimately is black and white, it is our vision that sometimes makes it blurry.

Andrew Yardley

“They” will tell youdon’t speak your mind.

If your boss comments on your nationality, if your professor looks down on your beliefs , if your peers gossip about someone you respect. Keep your mouth shot, because talking will get you into trouble, that’s what “they” will say.

Fuck “them” and their advice, because you know better than that my Dear Warrior.
Voice your disapproval, have courage to stand your ground.
You may see others sacrifice their beliefs on the altar of social approval, but never be one of them. You might lose a moment of fake glory, but you will be take one step closer to the eternal glory instead.

“They” will tell you to drop your dreams, and that it is for your own good.

They will come to you as best friends, and tell you as they told me – “stop being such a freaking romantic. Do not chase the ideal, just have fun and use life”

My Dear Warrior as you look them in the eye, and tell them to fuck off – remember to add: to live life to its fullness means striving for ideal and not settling for mediocre.

Jeremy Bishop

“They” will be always there, so you need to stay focused on your goal.
And not ever let “them” get in your way.
“They” are the people who made so many moral compromises in their life, that it started to define them.
They are the people who lost their integrity.
They are the people who will always try to discourage you, only to justify themselves in their own eyes.

“They” think If the others also failed to keep their integrity, there was no other way, and what I did (or didn’t do) was right.

Only that – it wasn’t. And “they” know it deep in their hearts. Their words are just a desperate attempt to hush the agonizing scream of a dying consciousness.

Show “them” with your life, that there is another way. Be the difference.

Even if you will have to sacrifice everything, it is worth it.

Sacrificing everything of the world to keep yourself is always better than sacrificing yourself to keep anything from the world.

Learn to respect yourself. Make sure not only to have the right principles, but also that you never cross them.
Remember this Dear Warrior: A free man is not someone who live as if there were no rules, a free man is someone who is able to set the rules for himself and be able to stick to them at all times.

Zac Durant

In all this – be humble. Your values don’t make you better than the others, they make you better from yourself from the day before. And thats what really matters.

In my life, there where times when I managed to be true to myself despite an enormous pressure. I proved them wrong.
And yes, there were also the other times when I would bend, when I would fall, when I would crawl. I let “them” and their words get into me.

I am no saint, I am just a warrior. I do not always come victorious out of the struggles with myself. But I never stop fighting.
And God help me that I never will.


Weekend Warrior

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