Beware your success. How to recover from success and live happily ever after in 5 easy steps.

Yes, you read that correctly.

It is not the failure, that I want to warn you about. There is enough of unjustified fear towards that already.

While fear of failure has become a common factor in our daily endeavours, success too often is being portrayed as the Holy Grail, the end of quest, the very end of hard mission that is called life.

That is very dangerous thinking. Because success, when it finally comes, if not handled properly, can become even more devastating than all the failures that have preceded it.

You need to remember that: Success like failure is just another milestone on a long unpaved road to a true happiness. 

So how to recover from success?

Here are my 5 most important tips

Benjamin Davies

1. Don’t be afraid of success.

Yep, as simple as that.
Same as with failures, you have to come to terms that success will eventually come, if you keep pressing on. But don’t dread it, because fear of success is a first step to idolise it. And once you treat your success as the end of history, then there is going to be nothing left once it comes.
Just treat success as another day in your life, brighter and full of sunshine, with all reasons to enjoy it – yet something comes and that eventually goes away…
It will spare you a lot of disappointments.

2. Don’t let your successes (or failures) define you.

Remember – that you are not your success nor your failure. Our actions and our decisions are defining us. Not the results.
Why? Because simply, sometimes we don’t have influence on the final result. Sometimes things in life happen regardles of what we do.
You worked hard to become a great athlete and you broke your arm (happened to me)?
Don’t let it get to you. These hours of intense training, this blood, sweat and tears you shed shaped you character and thats what matters in the end. Because it is your character that will get you through the rest of your life, not that medal you got (or never got)…

3. Do not boast with you success

There is an old saying that states; success has many fathers, while failure is always an orphan.
If you boast with your success, if you do not recognise all these people who supported you and stood behind you, in the moment of glory, it will only show that you never deserved it.
Success should build your character and make you a better person, not an egoistic, self-centred prick.

4. Do not become satisfied with your success.

Stay hungry, stay foolish as Steve Jobs said. Do not become full, slow and satisfied with the victory you achieved.
Behind the elusive glory of the moment, in which you achieved everything, there is going to be the abyss of emptiness. Do not let it get to you. Appreciate what you just got. And carry on.  The horizon is always going to be up there. Look for new challenges, keep up the pace!

5. Appreciate your success.

On the other hand, – remember to enjoy the moment of your glory. You earned it.  Make sure you also learn from it.

After all success is even better learning experience, because of all 99 ways you tried before,  that were wrong, it shows  you the one that got you through.

So hey!, light up that cigar, pour yourself a glass of good whiskey, open up that champagne that was waiting for you. Life is about moments, so make the best of it.

And then the next day,  don’t look back, just buckle up for new challenges ahead.

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